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Bird Feeder Building For An Awesome Autumn”

Kids love to go outside in the fall.  The weather is just right, just past the heavy heat of summer but not quite to the crazy cold of winter.  Fall festivals and harvest fairs abound nearly every weekend from mid-September, all the way up to trick-or-treat at the end of October.  Don’t forget, of course, that big pile of leaves that mom and dad just raked up that are just begging to be jumped into and scattered.

With that in mind, Allison Richter Wildlife Studios is always looking for new ways for kids to enjoy the experience of our feathered fellows while making the most of the fall festivities.  We’ve come up with some simple but clever bird feeder building ideas that can create merry memories of family fun.
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How to Make Pine Cone Bird Feeders
The first, and simplest, is the classic pine cone bird feeder.  This is also the one where little hands would be able to contribute the most.
Step 1:  collect some pine cones!  (By the way, just in case you didn’t know, kids LOVE to collect pine cones).
Step 2:  slather said pine cones with some peanut butter.
Step 3:  dip the pine cones in some bird seed.
Step 4:  clean the mixture of peanut butter and bird seed off of your kids.
Step 5:  Hang the whole concoction upside down on a string from some low hanging branches.
One of our favorites, just in time for fall, is the gourd bird feeder.  Just a little heads up, mom and dad will have to bit more of the heavy lifting.  Grocery stores are all about decorative gourds this time of year.  Pick one up that’s maybe six to nine inches long, cut a hole about two inches in diameter along the heavy end of the gourd, and hollow it out like you would a tiny pumpkin (probably best for mom and dad to tackle the cutting).  Afterwards, the kids can decorate it gourd with paint (finger paint time anyone?).  Once the paint has dried, fill the gourd with seed and hang in your favorite bird watching spot.
Our final entry is, admittedly, somewhat of a variant on the pine cone idea, but with a twist.  Take an ice cream sugar cone, and carefully nip off the tip.  Take a pipe cleaner (we recommend red and green – you’ll see why in a minute), make a knot in one end, and feed the other end through the hole in the tip of the cone.  Go crazy with the peanut butter again (have the wet wipes handy), only this time, sprinkle not only with bird seed, but also Cheerios.  The result is a little bird feeding Christmas tree that’ll help make a fun transition to the winter months ahead.
We could go one, but we’d love to hear from you!  Tell us your own fun and silly home made birdhouse idea, or one of your favorite fall family memories.

Allison Richter – a national wildlife artist