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Birds and Birthdays

When I woke up this morning (after my most refreshing birthday sleep in), my husband and daughter had made me birthday blueberry pancakes and had set out a vase of cut flowers. After our excellent breakfast, he asked me wanted I wanted to do, and I told him I wanted to go on a walk through our community. We grabbed our jackets (it was unusually chilly for Florida), I grabbed my camera, and off we went!

One of the things I love most about where we live is all the different kinds of winged wildlife (see my last post if you don’t believe me). In the frame of one hour, we saw osprey, ducks, pelicans, sea gulls, and even a bald eagle. About a hundred yards from our place, though, is a small lake with a walkway bridge, and it was here that I discovered the best feathery find of the day: a “exultation” (the fancy name for a flock) of five egrets lined up along the bridge’s hand rail!

Sending the husband and the kid on their way (five year olds are not exactly conducive for quiet photo taking), I set out on my mission of capturing these fantastic birds in digital glory. Over the next fifteen minutes, I crept slowly (REALLY slowly) out over the bridge, moving closer to the egrets in inch-like increments. At one point, I had to freeze, then turn away from my photographic faux-foes, and shuffle toward them back first to trick them into thinking that “no, there’s not a human trying to get close to you; everything’s fine here!”

In the end I got some great shots and had some fun family time.

Best birthday ever!

Allison Richter – a national wildlife artist