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Techniques for my ArtCreating Sets and or Companion Pieces

Creating Sets and or Companion Pieces

Thoughts behind the process

Many times people really like a piece of work or the idea behind works that I have created. I’m often asked if I have another of that work or something similar. Now of course no one piece of work is the same, but there are so many ways that I can express that feeling or mood within a subject matter that it’s pretty easy to engage me into making more being that most likely I loved making the first one.

When making similar or companion pieces I consider several things. Medium, subject, colors, scale, and how that piece will look near the first. I want to keep the energy and consistency of the first piece so I make sure that the colors and techniques employed are the same.

Begging stages of creating a companion art piece

Begging stages of creating a companion art piece

However no one wants a stamped out reproduction of the same thing, so with that in mind, companion pieces or sets that flow together should of course have their own spark. These pieces should be able to not only blend with the first piece, but also stand on their own. After all it’s still an original piece, so the artwork should be just as great as the one that proceeded it.

Think of all the statues that belong to one architectural building. They may be different, individually beautiful, but put together they create a whole that may give insight into more of the original thought or idea than one piece can do alone.

With that being said, I’m working on similar or companion pieces to my hummingbirds which have inspired me this summer as they zoom around my garden and drink from the feeder.

As always I’ll post more the further along the piece goes.

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