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Art for SaleNew Artwork – “In Tune”

New Artwork – “In Tune”

Ruby Throat Hummingbird Finished:

Hey everyone, I just finished “In Tune” a Ruby Throat hummingbird from the “Zip It” collection. I hope you guys enjoy! I will post art tips and help based on my work as soon as I can get them completed.

“In Tune” Ruby Throat Hummingbird with Geraniums
Collection – Zip it
Size: 10 x 10
$360.00 oil on canvas original

Ruby Throat Hummingbird oil on canvas

Ruby Throat Hummingbird oil on canvas

My dad got me interested in hummingbirds when I was growing up. We set up huge feeders every year to see them come and go while they zotted each other with long beaks to establish territory and dominance.

Now that I have my own house, I have planted copious amounts of hummingbird friendly plants to encourage the birds to live and nest in the area. I love seeing them chirping and buzzing around so much that I decided to create a piece of art based on my local regions wildlife with a Ruby Throat Hummingbird perching on Geraniums.

Allison Richter – a national wildlife artist