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AnnouncementsNew Owl Art Available

New Owl Art Available

New Original Owl Artwork for Sale

Exclusively for my fans, followers, and friends for a limited time, my newest piece, “Moss Ado About Nothing”, is now available pre-show: View Art Page

My newest wingman, shown here in “Moss Ado About Nothing” is a saw-whet owl. Saw-whets are among the cutest members of the owl family, found almost in almost every state of the US, but most specifically in the North East and along the west coast.

I’ve always been fascinated by owls. When you grow up in an area that’s more suburban development than forested landscape, sometimes hearing the hoot of an owl can be something a little magical. A few years ago, an owl set up shop on my roof where he carried on many a one sided dialogue for about a month. Sure, it made for a few long nights, but it was a captivating experience, and what’s a little insomnia between new friends?

“Much Ado About Nothing” was made with Prismacolor colored pencils on black tinted paper. The original piece would make an excellent addition to any collection, and it will be available exclusively to my social media fans until February 27, where if not purcahsed pre-show it will be on display at St. Augustine’s Red Sable. This piece will then be available for wider purchase through showings, and Houzz.

As an additional bonus, my Facebook fans will also receive a 20%/discount on giclee prints of “Moss Ado About Nothing” now through the end of February. Use purchase code: owlwantone

I had a lot of fun creating “Moss Ado About Nothing”. Sometimes I get just completely absorbed in the process of creating the intricate details of the feathers, the texture of the moss, and in getting the gleam in his narrow little eyes just right. I know you’ll love putting this adorable saw-whet owl on your wall as I did putting him on paper.

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