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Painting in 30 Min or Less

What people think I do

Let’s face it, in the world today as we process files and orders in the blink of an eye, our expectations for processes in all areas of our life is that 30 minutes or less should work for everything.
Compound that with broadcasts, classes, and programs geared to show with a little bit of pre-planning even art can be spit out with rapid-fire pace. Now, to dispel the myth that I can crank our pieces in the span of a network slot.
“So how long does it take to create a piece really?” This is a frequent question I receive. While I can’t answer for other artists as each artist and their works are different, my oil painting takes often times hundreds of hours. I don’t time or track the hours. I feel that would be a bit miserable. Instead I concentrate on making the pieces match the vision I see in my head. Pair the painstaking actions of using tiny brushes with long drying times an oil painting may take months to over a year to create.
Is there a solution to the difficult timeline factor? For me personally I work on multiple pieces in various stages of drying so that while one may be too wet to keep painting I can dive in to another piece that’s ready for it’s next session.
30 Min or less may not ever appear in my process, but creating multiple pieces at the same time is a great way to never have to stop working.
What People Think I Do

What People Think I Do

Allison Richter – a national wildlife artist