Allison Richter

Snow in Georgia

Who say’s it doesn’t snow in Georgia by mid-April? It’s still snowing in the studio as I work on the snow owl. Today I worked on putting in more definition and color which I will define more after it’s dry.

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Undercoat Change

Change from gold to blue Most of the time I use a yellow / gold undercoat on my paintings, but the piece I’m working on at the moment I wanted to feel much cooler in color. So I’ve opted for a blue undertone this time. Maybe it’s the cold weather

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Planned Spontaneity

I often create a large plan of works I would like to create before I begin putting my thoughts on canvas. So what makes me churn out one particular image of a subject before another?  Controlled spontaneity.  Sound fun? I love structure where I can define what my bodies of

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