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Techniques for my ArtWith art, you can always change your mind

With art, you can always change your mind

There are times you start out with a concept that you really love. One that you think will be a great idea. Most of the time they work out. Other times, you always have the right to change your mind. Or the image in this case.

As I work through my paintings, I never set something in my mind as an absolute. I like to see how things turn out, evaluate, and update. For example, in this case, I wanted to show this Amethyst Starling at first asleep. I created the piece, but the painting didn’t feel quite right, so I changed the bird to looking back at the viewer. It’s gold eyes were too hard to resist, so I put them in.

When the piece speaks to you, it’s OK to listen. Change can be good, so take a chance.

Amethyst Starling Oil on Canvas

Amethyst Starling Oil on Canvas

Allison Richter – a national wildlife artist