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ContestWrite, Send, Vote, Win!

Write, Send, Vote, Win!

Write, Send, Vote, Win! – official rules page:

It’s out! My win an original Allison Richter artwork contest starts November 19th, 2012.

Interested in owning your new free original Allison Richter artwork? Keep reading.

I love puffins. This beautiful bird is facing environmental dangers as many of our planet’s animals are in our day and age. To help bring awareness as always, I created a fantastic Prismacolor pigmented portrait of one of these beautiful creatures with the idea to share.

How do you win? It’s easy.

1. Simply write an email to Mary Gibble with the Palm Beach illustrated magazine and copy me on the email before you send it. Mary Gibble –  and Allison Richter . Tell Mary why you think or like me as an artist letting her know why I should be chosen as a featured artist to their fantastic magazine.  Send the letter any time between November 19th, 2012 and 11:59pm eastern time December 10th, 2012 as that is when the entry period ends.

2. The three best letters will be entered into a Facebook vote-off starting December 17th through the 20th. You will have three days to get as many friends and family as you can to vote for your letter if you are chosen as one of the three top letters. All entries and votes must be a fan of my Allison Richter Wildlife Studio Facebook page to be eligible. The letter who receives the most votes wins the original “Gone Fishin” puffin with Prismacolor on watercolor paper artwork.

That’s it. Simple! Write, send, vote, and win.  You can practically see your new artwork piece already on your wall!

I can’t wait to read the letters. I am also super excited to see who gets one of my favorite pieces “Gone Fishin”. Good luck, and get started! You only have a limited time. The winner will be announced December 21rst, 2012. Make sure to read the general rules and eligibility. I will ship internationally, so if you are one of my many international fans, you are more than welcome to join in the fun.

Write, Send, Vote, Win! - "Gone Fishin" Original Artwork by Allison Richter

Write, Send, Vote, Win! – “Gone Fishin” Original Artwork by Allison Richter

Allison Richter – a national wildlife artist